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One fa-BOO-lous day (many years ago), our founder, Sheila, needed a gift for a baby shower party. She had some cuddly poly fleece and an idea. She dusted off her sewing machine and decided to make the gift herself. When her gift was opened, it received many compliments from the party guests. Some of the guests asked if they could place an order!

She didn’t take this interest lightly. She began to foster and nurture the little cuddly blanket idea. Over time, each snuggly blanket prototype got better and better. Eventually she named them Snugaboos, because it just fits and it is so fun to say.

Then she started thinking, what if the Snugaboo blankets could help kids Be Good? This led to the creation of the Snugaboo characters. These characters grow freckles when they do something good. They grow the biggest freckles when they are extra good, like cleaning their room BEFORE they are asked to do it!

This is why each blanket comes with a package of freckle rewards (temporary tattoos). Children grow freckles when they can Be Good just like the Snugaboos. We hope to see many children of all ages earning and wearing these freckles of goodness.

Snugaboos hope to make the world a more peaceful and lovely place, one freckly spot at a time! Wouldn’t that be BOO-tiful?

We think so.


Your Friends at Snugaboo

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