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Q: Are Snugaboo blankets machine washable?

A: It is recommended that you only SURFACE WASH Snugaboos with cold water.
No bleach and air dry. They are ticklish so be watch out for random giggles.

Q: Does the Snugaboo tail have magic powers?

A: The Snugaboo tail IS magical. It helps to balance the Snugaboos and remind them of how special they are.

Q: Why does my Snugaboo blanket look different that my friends?

A: Each Snugaboo blanket is unique because Snugaboo blankets are 70% handmade by people just like you and me. Be sure to talk nicely to your Snugaboo blanket so that you don’t hurt its feelings. No one is perfect so we hope that you will love your blanket’s unique qualities!

Q: Are there going to be new characters coming?

A: Yes there will be new Snugaboos introduced in the future. If you want to be one of the first to know when they are ready, sign up for the announcement.

Q: Will you ever have adult sized Snugaboos?

A: This is a great idea! We would love to encourage that Be Good style in everyone in the future. Sign up for the announcement.

Q: Is Zeek single?

A: Yes, Zeek is single. He is very busy with teaching children how to love and appreciate each other. When he is ready, he will most likely try interplanetary dating.

Q: Why does Frankie carry a sock around sometimes?

A: This is an excellent question! Frankie is the youngest of the Snugaboos and he is working on improving his temper. He tries very hard to only say nice things but sometimes the bad words come out so he says them into the sock and then he stomps on the sock to get rid of them. For the moment, this is working nicely.

Q: When will the next lunar eclipse happen?

A: According to NASA:
2009 Feb 09 Penumbral -0.083 - e Europe, Asia, Aus., Pacific, w N.A.

Q: Where did Daisy learn her dance moves?

A: Oh that’s easy. Her Grandma Gertie grew up in the 1960’s. Gertie liked the Motown greats of yester-year and taught Daisy all the moves.

Q: How many days in a row should a person Be Good?

A: We would like to recommend that you try to work yourself up to a full week slowly, day-by-day. After you do that, move to two weeks in row. Eventually you will Be Good for an entire year and then years, and then decades, and if you eat your vegetables and fruits, possibly a century! Go you Snugaboo, Go!

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