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Meet Boots, the Galactic Traveler!

Meet Boots, the Galactic Traveler!

3...2...1... BLAST OFF! 

Boots is a bit alien to be exact. He’s not your average boo and he is a bit shy. We, the Boos of Snugaboo Village, think his uniqueness is beautiful. You see, he has retractable legs. That’s right. Poof, they to up and Boots zips around the stratosphere. He’s very very purply and super zoomy. ZOOOooommm!

Being from a distant planet, Boots has never seen shoes until he visited Snugaboo Village and he loves them. When he comes to your house, he may “borrow” your shoes. It goes like this. He will hover, pop his legs out, stick his feet in any shoes he finds and take off. What? Yes, I know. So sneaky! Boots come back here, please.

Boots thinks the food in Snugaboo Village is super interesting. One of his most beloved favorites though is Tator Tot Hotdish. He’s amazed by tiny potato shapes and layers of vegetables. When he gets back to his planet he wants to server Tator Tot Hotdish 24/7. Yeeehaw! 

Do you hear that sweet sound of music in the air? It’s our shy one, Boots! He is better with music than he is with words. He does talk but playing music on his Ukulele is his favorite way to communicate. If he's lucky, Daisy will be near and she can sing up a storm while he plays. Oh Boots, why do you have to be so dreamy?

Do you recall that part about Boots being a little sneaky? Well sometimes when he borrows shoes or other things, he forgets to ask permission first. Asking before taking something is so helpful. When he asks for things first, he learns that the other Snugaboos really like that. You can do it Boots! Love you. 

Know anyone that needs a Purply 3-eyed wonder in their home? Send Boots as a gift today!

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