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About Us

Our adorable Snugaboos came to life when our founder, Sheila, needed a baby shower gift. She wanted it to make the gift herself so she bought some fabric, dusted off her sewing machine and went to work. What resulted was an interesting hooded blanket for the new babe. Then to add whimsy, she attached interesting bits and bobs to the hood.

The hooded blanket gift got rave reviews at the party and this sparked a bunch of ideas for her. She thought…“What if the blanket could double as a costume but have all of the cherished qualities of a security blanket?” You know the kind…the blankets with the soft satin trim that are soooooo comforting. 

Prototype by prototype, she perfected these cute snugglers — a little spunky tail here — an embroidered freckle there and WHALLAH!

Wait a minute. Better still, how about we introduce Snugaboo characters to match the Snugaboo hooded blankets? Meet the our favorite fuzzies! Daisy, Frankie, Boots, Noodles, Princess Aladreena and Zeek. (Named by Sheila’s nieces and nephews – Colette, Hannah, Cameron, Jake, Jordan and Olivia)

So what’s next for Snugaboo you ask? Well, anything is possible when you fire up your imagination. Right?

Be Happy. Be Bright. Be You.