Snugaboo hooded blankets turn kids into cute critters!
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Our Story


I'm Sheila, founder and creator of the Snugaboo blanket and brand.

These little adorable snugglers came to life when I needed a baby shower gift for my cousin who lived in Alaska. I wanted to make the gift myself and thought a cozy hooded wrap would be nice. I went to JoAnn Fabrics and bought some colorful fleece fabric, some silky satin binding and got to work on my Singer sewing machine.

When the hooded blanket creation was given at the baby shower, it got rave reviews. This got my creative wheels turning even more.

I thought...“What if this blanket could be a quick costume for playtime and keep all of the cozy qualities of a security blanket?” This stream of thought and ideas led to 6 individual blanket styles with matching cartoon characters to help them come to life for little busy minds.


Ready to meet the Snugaboo crew?

Here are our favorite fuzzies! Daisy, Frankie, Boots, Noodles, Princess Aladreena and Zeek.

Named by Sheila’s nieces and nephews – Colette, Hannah, Cameron, Jake, Jordan and Olivia

Be Happy. Be Bright. Be You.

With love,